Local Healthcare Employee Tried to Blackmail Man on Probation

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BRYAN - A local healthcare employee is facing serious charges after trying to blackmail a man at the Adult Probation Office.

Jesus Armando Ordonez, 31, is being charged with Tampering with a Governmental Record. Brazos County Sheriff's Investigators say he told a man getting a urine test at the Adult Probation Office that for $100 he would make his dirty test look clean. According to the arrest statement, Ordonez gave the victim a piece of paper with a number on it and said to call him. The victim left the office and went to the Brazos County Sheriff's Office.

The victim told investigators he normally pays $18 and gets a receipt when he goes for a drug test.

The victim recorded a phone call with Ordonez where he said if the victim kept having dirty tests he would be locked up and the key thrown away. Ordonez also said he and the victim were both taking risks. If Ordonez got caught, he would "f*****."

Ordonez told the victim that he couldn't have people running around, owing him money. He said that he prearranges meetings with his other clients the day before tests. The victim agreed to meet him at the College Station Walmart. Brazos County Investigators gave the victim two recording devices and $100 worth of marked bills.

Around 6:45 Tuesday evening, Ordonez met the victim in the parking lot. The victim gave Ordonez the money. Ordonez was then stopped by sheriff's officers. He admitted to meeting the victim, that he took $100 from him for probation fees. The cash he had matched those recorded by investigators. Ordonez was arrested and charged with Tampering with a Governmental Record. He posted $8,000 bond and released from jail Wednesday afternoon.