Local Law Enforcement Focus on Chilifest for DWI Task Force

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COLLEGE STATION Chilifest is days away and area law enforcement are spreading the message. If you drink and drive, you will go to jail.

The two-day music festival in Snook is the focus of the Texas AgriLife Extension's Watch UR BAC program. Last year, 112 alcohol-related tickets were issued. Nine involved arrests. Local area law enforcement gathered Tuesday to remind those looking for fun this weekend, to plan ahead.

"If you are going to drink at Chilifest, or before going to Chilifest, make sure that you plan ahead," said Sgt. Jason Summers with College Station Police.

"Have a designated driver, take a taxi, use park and ride, get a limousine, a bus. Whatever you do, just make sure that you plan ahead, accordingly, so you don't risk getting a DWI or hurting yourself or somebody else," continued Summers.

Chilifest runs this weekend, Friday and Saturday. In addition to DWI's, organizers say alcohol poisoning is also a risk.