Local Man Fondly Remembers Working with Margaret Thatcher

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Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died of a stroke.
A former spokesman says Thatcher, the first and only woman to fill the role of Prime Minister, died Monday morning at age 87.

Her conservative ideas made a lasting impact on Britain, transforming her country with a dedication to free markets and opposing the power of trade unions. Her uncompromising style earned her the nickname, "The Iron Lady". She served as prime minister for more than a decade.

Margaret Thatcher influenced people all over the world, and one man, who now lives in the Brazos Valley, knew Thatcher. Mark Boldger worked with the Margaret Thatcher Foundation for many years.

“She had a grace about her,” said Bolger. “She was always marvelous at making the most complex financial subjects clear to understand. And as a financial manager, that's something we all try to do.”

Boldger is now retired, but he was the money manager for Margaret Thatcher's charity in the United States, the Margaret Thatcher Foundation.

“We do adhere to a confidentiality in the industry, so when I first got the account, I couldn't even tell my wife. I was bursting, I was excited. And I was excited to be able to do a good job,” said Boldger.

Boldger says he spent time with Lady Thatcher during her trips to the US. Thatcher also spoke at Texas A&M as part of the MSC Wiley Lecture Series in 1993.

Boldger calls Margaret Thatcher his idol, because of her financial expertise and her ability to communicate with people. That's why he says he was honored to receive a recommendation letter on behalf of the Margaret Thatcher foundation.

It may be time for the world to say goodbye to the Iron Lady, but at least one person believes she's just moved on to her next job.

“I think that now she's up in heaven running things. I'm certain she's sitting at the right hand and she's doing a good job,” says Bolger.