Local Medical Team Heading To Dominican Republic For Hispaniola Medical Charity

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BRYAN, Texas Doctors from the Bryan-College Station community are part of a team headed to the Dominican Republic where in some places medical care is very limited.

News 3 discovered how this trip will give hope to residents who haven't been able to get the attention they need.

Loading and lifting.

"My hernia. Maybe I could just schedule my own hernia surgery," joked Dr. Bert Hart as he lifted a 50 pound trunk.

It was packing with purpose at Dr. Bert and Laura Hart's house in Bryan.

"We have a total of 40 trunks of supplies and equipment that we are taking and they're packed to the brim," said Dr. Hart.

The couple is heading on a journey for the second time to the Island of Hispaniola to work at a hospital in the Dominican Republic.

23 people from Texas and five from Florida make up the team of doctors, nurses and volunteers for Hispaniola Medical Charity.

"Well most of the stuff that we get donated are stuff about to be expired," said Dr. Bert Hart.

He is an anesthesiologist and is the co-founder of the organization.

"On this trip we are going to be general surgery like gallbladders, hernias... Although our main goal is to provide medical services for the needy we're also there to help as far as education," he said.

"Wow it added that much more," said his wife Laura Hart as she weighed the luggage on a scale.

She is helping organize all the equipment they will need.

From heart monitors to surgical tools being shipped from here to there.

Some of it will be donated.

"Actually watching him in the operation room watch him interacting with patients. The really fun thing is seeing how it impacts everybody's life because here I don't get to witness what he does everyday," she said.

"Our group we decided that we're just going to try to make a very small dent," said Dr. Hart.

Making a difference with life saving medicine.

The group leaves October 19th for their trip.

The doctors donate their time and pay for travel expenses but have raised $26,000 for medical supplies and treatment.

If you'd like to help with their cause we have a link attached to this story in the related links section.