Local Mental Health Experts Offer Resources To Prevent Suicide

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BRYAN - The shocking death of actor and comedian Robin Williams is raising crucial awareness about suicide and depression.

News 3 visited with some local mental health doctors about treating depression.

Frances Kimbrough sees people in crisis as part of her job.

She's a licensed psychologist in Bryan and says there's hope for anyone battling depression.

"Most people in their life in one time or another are depressed. They may not be what's called clinically depressed but the sooner you deal with it the better," she said.

Treatment options include therapy and medications but knowing the signs is also crucial.

"Loss of appetite or eating too much, staying in bed too much or staying awake. Just even giving things away, just changing behavior," Kimbrough said.

A new resource to battle mental illness in Bryan-College Station opened in April; Rock Prairie Behavior Health.

Dr. Jason Boley is a psychiatrist here where 70 percent of patients being admitted have depression.

"If you do have concerns in someone that you care about you need to bring it up to them you don't need to ignore it," said Boley.

Treating severe depression takes time.

"Medications typically take four to six weeks to really start working so here in the hospital the real work is done in group therapy and individual therapy," Boley said.

The hospital's CEO Duane Runyan says there are many options including crisis hotlines, MHMR, and free assessments at their hospital.

"We work closely with law enforcement and emergency rooms, the hospital and MHMR to be able to do these evaluations and make sure people are safe as quickly as possible," said Runyan, Ph.D.

One in four Americans suffer from psychiatric issues, including things like anxiety and depression.