Local Passengers On Cruise Ship Return Home

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Some of the first passengers from the Brazos Valley aboard the crippled Carnival Cruise ship have returned home.

Some took a bus overnight all the way from Mobile, Alabama to Galveston where they drove back home.

After being on that ship without electricity and working toilets for four days, David Weir from College Station and his wife were faced with a more than 8 hour journey by road back to the Brazos Valley. His name might sound familiar. He's the head athletic trainer for Texas A&M athletics.

"It was tearful because they stepped up. They stepped up while we were gone. Pardon me for the emotion but that's really touching for us. It gives mom, Judy and I, a little bit of solace,” said Weir.

An investigator said it doesn't appear the fire was particularly large. Officials haven't figured out why it had such a devastating impact on the ship's power system.