Local Private School Finally Gets Athletic Program

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A local private school says they don't have the budget for an after school athletic program.

Because they are a non-profit organization, they don't get money from the state to provide those after school activities, but an athletic program is now in the works, and it isn't because of donations.

Cornerstone Christian Academy has always had a court, but never a program, that is, until Mr. Hawkins rolled in. The history teacher didn't donate money, just his time to coach all sports for the school--none of which he has ever actually played.

"Coaches in school were very good about putting me on the sideline or in a place where I could watch the game and feel a part of the team,” said John Hawkins.

He has cerebral palsy which is a group of disorders affecting body movement, balance, and posture. His whole life, he's been confined to a wheelchair.

"I have a twin brother. He's currently 6ft 5 inches, so he's really tall,” said Hawkins.

His brother was an all-around athlete, much like the rest of his family. Hawkins didn't play but he observed.

"If he won, I won. He lost, I lost. It was kind of a shared feeling and it wasn't just a twin thing,” he said.

Watching the game intensely is what Hawkins credits as his ability to coach the students at the academy.

"Observation and motivation go together. What I try to do is motivate these children in every aspect of the game and every aspect of life."

Students say it’s working.

"It motivates you even more to try your hardest and do your best,” said Noah Cassens who plays basketball for the school.

Hawkins says, "if they learn anything from me, it's never quit. Quitting is not an answer."

The Academy hopes to be eligible to enroll in the Texas Christian Athletic League in the next couple of years to compete with other private schools.