Local Radio DJ Arrested After Hitting a Gas Meter

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COLLEGE STATION A local radio DJ is facing charges after hitting a gas meter in January.

Matthew Yates Niblett, 31, was arrested Sunday on a charge that he hit a structure next to a highway. According to the arrest report, witnesses saw a green Ford Explorer leave the road on Holleman Drive, hit something and keep driving. Officers were able to follow a trail of debris to a parking lot off Holik. There, officers found a green Ford Explorer that belonged to Niblett.

Officers found Niblett at his apartment, where they say he was drunk. According to police, Niblett admitted to driving home from The Tap, taking Holleman Drive and leaving the roadway, but didn't remember hitting anything. At the scene, a light pole was scraped and a gas meter was hit. The damage to the meter triggered a gas leak at the Tower Park Apartment complex. College Station Fire Department and Atmos responded to contain the leak. Officers say that the damage at the scene matched the damage on Niblett's vehicle.

According to College Station police, the delay between when the accident happened and Niblett's arrest is because officers had to get an estimate on the damage. Managers at Tower Park Apartments told officers the cost to repair the gas meter was $850.75. A warrant for his arrest went out on February 27th. The apartment complex also wants to press charges.

The warrant for Niblett was served at the Brazos County Jail. According to CSPD, that means he was picked up by another law enforcement agency. No information was available on why Niblett was at the Brazos County Jail.

Niblett was charged with Duty on Striking Fixture or Highway Landscaping. The damage to the fixture was more than $200, which makes this a Class B misdemeanor. His bond was set at $2,000. Niblett has since bonded out of the Brazos County Jail.

Niblett works as a radio DJ for 103.1 KISS FM. The KISS website lists him as on-air from 3p-7p.