Local RadioShack Robbed During Business Hours

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Police are asking for help finding three people who robbed a local store while customers were inside.

Investigators say the three men wearing bandannas robbed the RadioShack off Villa Maria in Bryan last night.

Surveillance pictures are the biggest clues police have to find three robbers. They show what happened Sunday night around 6:40, less than an hour before the RadioShack was going to close for the day.

Police say three black men, in their 20s, came into the store with their faces covered. There were two customers and two employees inside. One employee was held at gunpoint.

Richard Brooks talks about his friend's frightening experience.

"She is just really shook up, and I can't even imagine someone holding a gun to you,” said Brooks.

A source says while she was held at gunpoint, the customers were told by the suspects to stay at one end of the store while they stole phones and money. The men took off with money and several phones.

RadioShack did not want to comment.

Brooks says he shops frequently at the store and lives nearby.

"Usually in this part of town you don't expect it. It is a nicer part of town. It's a little bit better built up. I just wouldn't expect this area to get robbed,” said Brooks. "The fact that someone just got robbed a block away from my house is a little unnerving."

Police say the three suspects covered their faces with bandannas and all wore hooded sweatshirts.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Bryan Police Department at 979-209-5300 or Crime Stoppers at 979-775-TIPS.