Local Ranch Hosts Group of Wounded Warriors

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A group of six guys standing together in camo out in Robertson County may look like a typical hunting trip but it's not.

This group of guys are participating in a wounded warrior hunt and it's a chance to honor those who have been injured overseas.

"We think it's our duty to do it," said organizer Gary Mobley.

Mobley has been hosting the hunt for three years and this year wounded veterans from the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars got a chance to get outdoors for a few days of hunting.

"We owe it to them. For you and I to be here right now, speaking in the outdoors, speaking the truth, telling tales, and enjoying our country is all because of the people that protect us," said Mobley.

"This has been an absolute amazing two days here," said wounded warrior David Rich.

Rich is a former Marine who served in Afghanistan. He's here with someone very close to his heart, his father.

"You know my son has been gone for four years, we haven't had a lot of time together. To be able to come out here and spend time like this, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity," said his father, Stoney.

Stoney Rich still remembers the day his son said he was joining the Marines.

"It's war time, have you lost your mind," said Stoney recalling his conversation with his son.

And he remembers when he got the call that his son had been injured in action.

"All we could do is pray that the good Lord would take care of him," said Stoney.

Thankfully David was watched over and brought home safely. Now getting to experience something as simple as a hunting trip means the world to this father and son.

"To spend a day like this with my dad is something I've never been able to do, ever. It's been absolutely amazing," said David.

"When something leaves you and can be taken away from you permanently, you stop and think about it. Then you do get it back, it's precious. This is precious time for me," said Stoney.

If you'd like to sponsor a hunt or know a wounded warrior that deserves a hunt, you can contact Greg through his website for the Mobley Ranch which we have linked below.