Local Rancher Reacts to West Fertilizer Plant Explosion

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Residents of West are on the hearts and minds of people across the country, including those that did business in the town.

"You walked in the door and it was like an old country store feeling," said Bill Osborn.

Osborn owns a tractor service in Bryan and over the years he's done business with the West Fertilizer Company.

In his eyes, the plant operated with safety in mind.

"When I pulled up and I wanted to go in and check it out, they said safety was first. They said no sir, employees only. We can't take a chance," said Osborn about the fertilizer plant.

As he watched the explosion and aftermath on TV overnight, a range of emotions came over Bill.

"You can believe what you're seeing, the next is your heart just sinks for those affected and the next was, what can I do to help," said Osborn

With so much support on hand, Bill is keeping up to date and waiting to hear if he can offer a helping hand.

"My prayers are what I have to offer right now. If I could go help, I would. If they need my tractor, I'll be there. It's just what I do," said Osborn

Osborn used fertilizer from the West Fertilizer Company to build wild life food plots.