Local Reaction To Lowering Legal Alcohol Limit For Drivers

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A glass or two of wine could get you in trouble if the state of Texas takes the recommendation from the federal government to lower the blood-alcohol limit for drunk drivers.

The National Transportation Safety Board called on states to reduce the legal limit from .08 to .05 percent.

The reason is to try and cut down on alcohol impaired driving.

Lowering the legal limit was not a popular idea with several people we spoke with.

"It's ridiculous, but like I said, everyone's immune system is different. Who is to judge how good you are to drive,” said Nicholas Borski, a College Station resident.

"If you drink one beer, then I would worry about driving, so I would probably quit going out and drinking one beer especially with my stature,” said Sheila McBride, another College Station resident.

The reason behind the recommendation is to save more lives on the road. It's an explanation DWI defense attorney David Hilburn understands.

“This is a town where it happens all the time,” said Hilburn.

He says he would get busier if the state implements the federal government’s recommendation.

"The defense attorney's standpoint it will bring in more business. What you are doing is lowering the standard from .08 to .05. When you do that, everyone that was previously at .08 but above .05 was not legally intoxicated under that third standard,” said Hilburn.

There's still a long way until any changes could be implemented to try and prevent drinking and driving.

The NTSB has no authority to change the standard. The group can only recommend that each state make the change.