Local Representatives Tour Border Facilities

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Earlier this week, two local state representatives went to McAllen to get a look at operations at the border with Mexico.

John Raney represents most of Bryan/College Station, and Kyle Kacal represents rural portions of Brazos County, all of Robertson County, other three others to the north.

The two Republicans were part of just the latest group of elected leaders to get a behind-the-scenes look at what's happening at the border, where tens of thousands of children from Central America have crossed, where drug and human trafficking concerns remain, and where a thousand National Guard troops are heading soon to bolster efforts.

"The key is having an aggressive posture, and the people of South Texas and the whole state need to know that we're trying to secure that border," Kacal said. "With the added troops from DPS and the Texas Rangers, it is truly amazing how they've decreased the traffic, reduced the criminal traffic, and the folks that live in the valley are somewhat relieved because they feel a sense of security in their homes again."

On "First News at Four" Thursday, the two discussed the care children coming across from Central America are getting, along with the price tag on American operations that are growing to address border crossers.

"It is going to be an expensive process," Raney said. "That's one of those things as an appropriator and on the Appropriations Committee that somewhat bothers me, because I'm afraid some might want to take that money from highways or some other programs -- education, higher education -- and I think it needs to be in addition to what we need to do in those elements."