Local Rescue Home Gives Girl Second Chance

Bethany, 16, is proof of the positive impact of Still Creek Ranch, Restore Her. 20 June 2014
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Thanks to the Restore Her program, which supports at-risk youth, Bethany, one of the residents, is celebrating her 16th birthday this week. I spoke with her about what the program means to her and how she's paying it forward.

"I like to sing, I love making people laugh."

Bethany is just like any 16-year-old girl.

She likes to draw and write poetry about her family.

"it helps me, especially when I get sad and think about a lot of my past stuff," Bethany said.

She's had a rough past.

"I didn't think I would make it to 16 [years old]."

That's where Restore Her comes in.

They just opened their third girls' home. That means eight more girls will have opportunities like Bethany now has.

"I have a family that's going to be there for me 24/7 every time I need them or I just want someone to talk to or I'm feeling low," Bethany said.

She's gotten to do things unheard of in her previous life.

"We went trapezing, like I never would have went trapezing."

She even gets to give back.

"I love kids, so it's easy, it comes naturally to me."

She teaches summer school at Still Creek.

"Whenever I'm feeling low, you help someone else and you know it's like I have nothing I should be angry about or mad about or bitter about because you give people a reason to laugh and give them a smile."

With all the news about human trafficking and at-risk youth, Bethany and her friends are not to be misunderstood.

"We have feelings and we make mistakes and we can love and we can be good to people, and that's us."

The Restore Her program at Still Creek Ranch has turned her life around.

"I realize that I've made mistakes, but I know that God's forgiven me and that I want to do good for other people."

Bethany is slated to graduate high school in the next couple of years and she wants to go to Texas A&M to study education so she can be a math teacher.