Local Residents Called To Help With Superstorm Sandy Recovery

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A number of people from the Brazos Valley are in some areas hard hit by Sandy, helping with recovery efforts.

Governor Rick Perry sent a 39-person Incident Management Team from Texas to New York.

The team includes personnel from the Texas A&M Forest Service and local first responders. They are based in south Brooklyn, but they are helping residents not just there but in Queens and Staten Island.

They have been there for a week now and scheduled to be there for two more weeks.

"It is some of the worst damage that I have ever seen on hurricanes. Especially the tidal surge. I think that the tidal surge and the flooding are actually a little more than we saw during Hurricane Katrina,” said Les Rogers with the Texas A&M Forest Service in College Station.

He's with the Incident Management Team appointed by Governor Rick Perry. Rogers, along with the team, have been there since Dec. 27th working every day for at least 12 hours.

Part of their daily task is to distribute commodities like electric blankets and heaters which are much needed in the cold weather where hundreds of residents still don't have electricity.

"Their patience is starting to get thin because they have been promised help,” said Rogers. "You talk about a little over a million folks that have been affected up here. It is going to take a while just here in the city to get some of the help out there that they need.”

Rogers says they plan to stay until January 17th, but by the end of the week they will find out if they need to stay longer.