Local Residents Play For The Powerball Jackpot

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At the Exxon off of Texas Avenue and University Drive, people are trying out their luck with the Powerball jackpot. For some it's the first time.

Alonso Robles, a first time player has set up plans just in case he wins.

"A nicer car and maybe get a bigger house for my folks or something like that, but other than that I'm gonna keep quiet if I do win."

He's not the only one with big plans.

"I could set up all my grandkids for college and everything. I could retire," said Charles Paties

Charles Paties says it's his first time playing in Texas.

"Every once and awhile I buy a ticket I don't buy it regularly, but when there's a big, big pot I buy one."

But some customers choose not to spend their money on the lotto.

Store owner, Hyder Mohammed says so far in one day people have spent hundreds on Powerball.

"I have seen new faces coming in. They're buying Powerball all day long," said Mohammed.

Right now the jackpot is over 500 million dollars and growing.

"As people buy more it will go up by to maybe 600 million by the end of the day," said Mohammed.