Local Retailers Giving Thanks for a Busy Season

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Regardless of which lane you're driving in, which line you're waiting in, or even, which aisle you're shopping in-- it is packed. Everywhere.

“I typically notice that there are long lines checking out,” said Stephanie Sale. “And since this is the day before Thanksgiving, I'm anticipating I'll be standing there for quite a while {laughs}."

This week is one of the busiest of the year for grocery stores and business owners are giving thanks.

"Thanksgiving is food; people have big feasts and it's a time of year we really look forward too and of course the store gets hammered and that's what you want."

The infamous Butterball Turkeys are selling out.

“We actually have to order our turkeys in March or April for the coming Thanksgiving,” said Village Foods Owner Jim Lewis.

Lewis says Village Foods has already sold 1200 turkeys.

Lewis: "In addition to that we've sold some free range turkeys which other stores don't carry."

Moving on from the main course to dessert; in downtown Bryan, it's all hands on deck for new businesses like the Chocolate Gallery.

"I was walking by this morning and I saw this chocolate shop, and I was like, 'Ahhh chocolate!' Everyone loves chocolate,” said Les Clark.

“This is our busy time of year, absolutely,” said Chocolatier Josh Neubauer. “Typically from October on and to the end of February, it’s extremely busy.”

It's the very reason Clark is cleaning out the fresh and homemade inventory.

“We’re celebrating my wife’s birthday tonight because I’ll be traveling for work on her birthday in December, so I’m getting a lot of everything.”

According to Clark, the season of "giving" is one that goes hand in hand with something he likes to call: the season for chocolate.