Local Schools/Health Dept. Dealing With Flu Virus

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The flu virus has reached epidemic levels in Texas and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6 children have been killed by the virus this year.

School districts across Texas have reported hundreds of their students have gotten sick this year with the flu. Local schools are doing what they can to keep virus from spreading.

"Prevention is the key. We do what we can to educate our students and their families and our faculty,” said Lisa Sicilio, the nurse coordinator for College Station ISD.

She says the school district has had flu clinics for employees to get vaccinated.

The Brazos County Health Department says they've seen a huge increase in people wanting to get the flu vaccination.

"Seeing the demand late in the season was the surprising part of this year’s flu vaccine,” said Julie Anderson with the Brazos County Health Department.

Getting the vaccine might be difficult. The Brazos County Health Department ran out of vaccines for people between the ages or 18-65, but many doctor's offices and pharmacies do have the vaccine.

Since not everyone is able to take the shot, Sicilio says College Station schools are taking extra measures like sanitizing floors every day and making sure students know to wash their hands often.

"With the number of students that we have, hand washing with soap and water is not always possible so we try to have options of the hand sanitizer available,” said Sicilio. “I wouldn't be concerned about perfect attendance. If your child is ill, you need to keep them home."

The flu season usually starts in October and peaks from December through February.