Local Stores Seeing Record Gun Sales

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While the gun debate continues in Washington, local gun shops say they can't keep up with the huge demand for guns.

Store owners say their current customers are mainly first-time gun buyers.

Just looking at empty gun store shelves can tell the story.

Mike Stulce owns Champion Firearms in College Station. He says the shelves have never looked this red, and he's been in the business for more than 20 years.

"Nothing compares to this time around especially considering the fact that you can't replace the guns as fast as people are buying them,” said Stulce. "You know the manufacturers, we have all begged them for what they can send. We have told them, don't call us, you don't have to even ask. Just 1 or 100 of them, just send them."

“I think people are scared. I think Sandy Hook struck a nerve in a lot of people,” said Stulce.

Customers like Texas A&M student Kevin Wheeler have a different reason.

"People want to get a gun before it becomes almost impossible to get one. That's what I have discussed with my friends. People are afraid,” said Wheeler.

Some customers say they fear Congress will soon ban or limit assault weapons and some forms of ammunition. Those reasons are enough to give guns a short life on the shelf.

"If you get 50 guns in a day, we sell 60 so that's where we kind of run into a deficit selling I guess. I think we will catch up eventually,” said Stulce.

"It has just been crazy. It's anything, any handgun with a high cap magazine, flying off the shelf,” said John Hueske, the owner of Independence Firearms in Brenham.

While it's good business for gun shop owners, there's still a fear.

“The long term it kind of scares you to try and figure out what will happen in the future,” said Stulce.

For now, the task at hand is keeping up with the demand.