Local Students Putting Together Massive Diaper Drive

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The freshman class at the KOR Education School in College Station may only have 11 members, but they're making a world of difference.

"We have a total of 10,000 diapers right now not including the diapers at the drop off locations," said student Megan Pinney.

Pinney and classmate Josh Blom are leading up the drive for diapers they call Huggies for Hope.

"It has been a lot of work, especially with publicity and trying to get the word out," said Pinney.

The Huggies for Hope campaign is in its second year of existance and last year's class was able to collect 60,000 diapers.

"We give away over 70,000 diapers a year," said Ryan Bingham with the Hope Pregnancy Center.

Bingham says the center is in desperate need of diapers that are between the sizes of 2 and 5.

Considering last year's drive almost supplied the center with enough diapers for the entire year, Bingham is impressed with the student effort.

"I don't know what I was doing as a freshman in high school but it definitely wasn't this," joked Bingham.

"You definitely want a healthy community and a Christian organization like Hope Pregnancy Center is definitely special," said Pinney.

You can drop off your diaper donation at local businesses like Grace Wellness Center, Aggieland Printing, Mugwalls, and JJ's Snowxcones. In fact, JJ's is offering a free snowcone to anyone who donates.

You can find more information about the drive and their big event to cap off the Huggies for Hope diaper drive this weekend in the links below.