Local Swimming Pools Hot Spot for Kids

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Swimming pools are the popular spots in our area during this hot weather, and it's not just to cool down but to learn how to potentially save your life.

This year alone, 40 kids have drowned in Texas.

Tasha Banks is a Bryan resident who takes her kids to swim lessons.

"Somebody has drowned in our family. It's just that so many kids die from drowning every year, and I was afraid to go to the pool because I wasn't able to swim. I can't save them if my husband is not around,” said Banks.

"Whether you are going to go to the river, or you are going to spend some time down at the beach or whether you are going to the lake, you really need to orient the family on what is shallow water, what is deep water,” said Vera Solis, the College Station Aquatics Director.

Solis says swim lessons are the best way to get your kids to learn how to be in the water safely.

According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, drowning is a leading cause of accidental death for kids under the age of five and toddlers are especially at risk.

Solis says parents should make sure kids, that don't know how to swim or are learning, should have a Coast Guard approved life jacket at the pool.

"It has the validation that it will hold the child above the surface of the water,” said Solis.

Swim lessons are still being offered the rest of the summer in Bryan and College Station.

College Station Parks and Recreation 979-764-3486
Bryan Aquatic Center at 979-209-5222