Local Shoppers Find Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

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February 14th, better known as Valentine's Day is another day to celebrate and express your love for your family and that special someone.

Bobby Jones says he and his wife think all the flowers and chocolate can sometimes be corny.

"One thing I've discovered through 18 years of marriage is if you don't get something, you end up in hot water," said Jones.

Ruth Morales drops off Valentines at her granddaughter's school every year.

"Our granddaughter, she just loves her grandpa and she says,' Oh papa I love you.' She tells him in Spanish, Te Amo Mucho," said Ruth Morales.

When driving down Texas Avenue you can see a number of tents that pop up along the road ready to help shoppers pick up those last minute gifts.

Alice Marino who works for the Farm Patch every Valentine's Day says sales can be over 15-thousand dollars on February 14th.

"It helps me get away from my normal job. I like helping people pick out flowers for their loved ones and I profit from it, they profit from it. It's all good," said Marino.

"Me and papa date all the time, everyday is a Valentines day for us," said Ruth Morales.

Most people say that showing your love and affection should be done everyday, not just on Valentine's Day.