Local Theater Back Open After Bomb Scare

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A local theater is back open after a bomb scare where customers had to be evacuated.

Police say yesterday afternoon they were called to the Cinemark in College Station for a report of a suspicious bag.

Zero Dark Thirty is a movie about the decade-long hunt for Al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. Many local people wanting to watch the film had an unexpected change of plans.

"It is pretty shocking to hear that something like that happened here,” said Lauren Smart, a theater customer.

College Station Police say Sunday afternoon, some people attending an afternoon showing of the movie at the Cinemark Hollywood USA noticed an unattended bag. Investigators were immediately called to the theater.

Police say everyone in theater 11 was evacuated for about 30 minutes as a precautionary measure to make sure everyone was accounted for and that they could have witnesses that they could interview. During the investigation it was revealed that the bag in question actually belonged to a local church.

The church uses the theater for their service in the morning. Turns out, the suspicious bag left behind was a duffle bag with sound equipment for the church service.

The false alarm still makes some customers uneasy, especially after the horrific shooting at the Cinemark Theatre in Aurora Colorado.

"It makes me think twice if I want to go to the theater or stay home and watch TV,” said Gloria Saenz, another theater customer.

Police urge everyone who sees a suspicious object or activity to contact police immediately.