Local Towing Companies Say Their Businesses Are In Jeopardy

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When you're in a wreck, you are going to need some help. Emergency responders for first aid and a tow truck to take your vehicle away.

As it stands now you can either choose your wrecker or the city will call the next company on the list. It's called a rotation list.
But that may be changing.

"I have a wife and three small kids this is my livelihood," said John Crouse.

And that change has these small business owners worried.

"You're taking food out of your family's mouth, you're taking a roof off of somebody's head we still gotta pay all of our bills," said Ronnie Waller.

The Cities of College Station and Bryan have put out a contract proposal for one company to provide vehicle towing and storage services. This would be one company for each city.

Bryan Police Chief Eric Buske says any company can place a bid for the contract as long as they meet requirements.

"We believe if we can go to one company, a best proposal we can provide that consistent service. That we owe to our citizens and we also think we can save money and it can be cost effective."

Right now there are over 30 wreckers in rotation who are called to emergency scenes to tow vehicles.

John Crouse is the owner of one of those wrecker companies he says that proposal would be devastating.

"I would lose about 75 thousand dollars," said Crouse.

"I think it's a sad thing there's a lot of folks in small business they're going to cut them off and it makes for a blue Christmas," said Hector Garcia.

The City of College Station says their proposal would not only save taxpayers money, but keep more officers on the streets enforcing the law instead of inspecting tow trucks and storage facilities, that require annual inspections.

Right now this is just a proposal, but a decision could be made early next year. Something these owners say will surely wreck their business.

To learn more about the contract proposal, below is a link to the Brazos Valley Online Bidding System.