Local Verizon Customers React To Government Surveillance Program

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College Station, TX So how do you feel about the government screening Verizon cell phone records?

News 3 has reaction from local Verizon customers who learned their phone call information could be checked.

Kurt Sawyer is a College Station Verizon customer and wasn't bothered about the revelation that the U.S. Government has been screening personal cell phone records.

"Some things are necessary you know. I can also understand people don't want their privacy invaded, but I can understand if you've got nothing to hide and it's literally to actually to help the country," Sawyer said.

John Martin has been a Verizon customer for around seven years and says he has nothing to hide.

"You can look at who I'm calling but I'm not doing anything sketchy. I think most Americans aren't. There's probably a select few in contact with terrorists so I don't know it doesn't really bother me," said Martin.

While many aren't surprised, Kristina Musachia says having her numbers, time of call and duration saved on a database for the government to review, goes a little too far.

"But it is bad to have my privacy invaded on," she said.

A privacy debate raising passions on both sides of the issue.

Most of the people we talked to Thursday said they aren't worried about the policy and that it will not impact their day to day use of their phones.

Officials with two of the local Verizon stores declined comment.