Local Bank: Concealed Carry Keeps Crooks Away

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Two banks in College Station have been robbed at gunpoint in the past two weeks.
The person responsible for robbing a bank in Snook is also still on the loose.
At a bank in Chappell Hill though, they haven't had a problem with robbers since implementing some new bank rules.

Bank customer, Steve Moreland, said, "It's none of your business."

You won't be able to tell who has one, just by looking at the people inside the Chappell Hill Bank.

"These women, they've taken the concealed handgun carry course and of course, they can't tell you if they're carrying or not and I'm certainly not going to frisk them," said Edward Smith, the Chappell Hill Bank President.

After the 5th time Edward Smith's bank was robbed he decided enough was enough and put this sign up on the front door, encouraging customers like Steve and Darcy Moreland, to use their 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms.

Moreland said, "The bad guys have them and I want the option to protect my family."

His daughter, Darcy, added, "Oh man, it makes you feel much safer."

It's proven to be an effective deterrent, one that's not an option at most banks, including where three recent robberies took place.

The Citizen's State Bank in Snook was robbed at gunpoint back in October.
In College Station, another suspect held up The Fed Star Credit Union earlier this month.
The most recent incident happened at the First Victoria Bank off Southwest Parkway.

All the suspects managed to escape with money in hand after displaying weapons.

Steve said, "Would I use the gun, I don't know. If she was in here with me, or another member of my family, dang right."

They're hoping it keeps the robbers away forever, but if not, the thieves might be getting more than they counted on.

Smith added, "They're gonna get the money, they're gonna go outside, then they're gonna notify me and after they're outside and the staff has locked the doors, then they're mine."

The suspects involved in the most recent robberies are still at large.

Suspects in The First Victoria Bank and the Citizen's State Bank robberies are described as two black men with slim builds.
The Fed Star Credit Union suspect is described as a back man with a thin build.

There is also a $5,000 reward connected to the Citizen's State Bank incident.
If you have any information, please call your local law enforcement office.