Local Chef Takes Culinary Cuisine to the Streets

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When you first spot Chef Tai's Mobile Bistro, you may walk up to the food truck expecting to order a fajita taco or a quick hot dog. But this isn't your normal culinary affair. It's something much more refined.

"It's gourmet food at a really reasonable price and it's delicious," said Prudence Pfeiffer, a fan of the bistro.

Pfeiffer is from Australia and when she found Chef Tai's Mobile Gourmet just down the road from her work, she was thrilled.

"This is pretty authentic. I like the flavor. It's not too heavy and it's perfect for the Texas weather," said Pfeiffer.

From BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos to the Korean Short Rib BBQ Bowl, the menu is a close cousin to Chef Tai's other culinary creation, Veritas Wine and Bistro. But these dishes are much cheaper.

"I think it's awesome because instead of being localized, stuck in one place where people have to come to you, you can go to people and have them try your food," said fan Jamie Pejo.

"We always have the same stuff downtown so it's nice for a change," said Danny Smith.

Chef Tai's Mobile Bistro does pretty good in downtown Bryan on Tuesdays but on Wednesday the Mobile Bistro is parked at St. Joseph Hospital and Blinn College. Chef Tai says those are the days that business really comes in.

"Physicians, nurses, all the medical staff around, they've been craving some other alternative to what their used to. The dining scene in that area is pretty sparse," said Chef Tai.

With only three weeks of business in the books, the busy bistro is already known for a certain dish.

"It's the best burger you could imagine," said Michael Pejo.

At a price of $8, the Kobe Beef Burger is all the rage.

"We've been serving the Kobe burger for the past week and we've been selling it out in every single spot," said Tai.

And thanks to its mobile location, customers couldn't be happier.

"We don't have to lose our parking spot, we get to take a walk, get out of the office for a little bit, a little bit of exercise and some good food," said Carrie Allen.

Chef Tai's Mobile Gourmet operates five days a week for lunch and you can even find the truck in Northgate on Friday night. You can find where the bistro will be during the week on Chef Tai's Mobile Gourmet website. We've got a link to that site below.