Local Man Creates Santa Video iPhone App

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The Apple iPhone is one of the hottest selling mobile phones in the world thanks to its multitude of tools.

They're called applications and you may have heard the slogan, there's an app for that.

Well one College Station man has come up with a Christmas application that is putting Santa anywhere you want him.

"This is the 128th app for us," said Brice Milliorn, a financial advisor by day and application developer by night.

This past fall, we introduced you to Milliorn whose Prank Me application broke to the top 100 Apple Apps this year and now he has something new, something a bit more festive. It's called Santa Video and it allows iPhone users to put Santa anywhere you want him. The app gives parents a chance to show their kids video evidence that Santa is out there.

"In the court of law, if you've got video evidence, it's pretty good. So now Mom and Dad have video evidence," said Milliorn

The app is simple to work. All you have to do is select a picture off your iPhone to use, selecting a Santa phrase, and sit back and enjoy. There is even a dancing Santa.

The only question is how was Brice able to get a hold of Santa to help him out with his app?

"It's all who you know," said Milliorn.

And things could get turned up a notch this spring, if Brice can find the right help.

"I'll probably do an Easter app off this Santa app too. I've got to find the Easter bunny though. If you know him, let me know," joked Milliorn.

In all, Brice's applications have been downloaded over half a million times.