Local Voters and Fellow Ags React to Governor Perry's New Hampshire Speech

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Governor Rick Perry's speech, delivered in New Hampshire Friday night, has many people wondering about the change in his demeanor.

Even more potential voters are talking about the video of the speech, which has since gone viral on the internet.

That video shows the Texas Governor's sudden sense of humor, especially when you watch the clips that have been edited together on YouTube.

We hit the streets to get your point of view as well as some insight from political analysts on what many are calling, at the very least, an unusual speech.

That's one way to describe Texas Governor Rick Perry's delivery of his "cut, balance and grow" tax plan Friday night.

The speech has since gone viral and some potential voters have a different way of describing the presidential candidate's demeanor.

"That definitely wasn't put together," Camille Doster said. "He probably had a little too much too drink."

Jean Marie Linhart said, "Governor Perry was having one heck of a good time in New Hampshire."

"I don't think it was a cocktail issue, but I can see how people think that," said Sam Houston State Political Science Professor, Mike Yawn.

He has a different theory.

Yawn added, "It could be that he's trying to change his demeanor and his campaign personality. Another possibility is the campaigns are long. You have a lot of flights, you have a lot of people telling you what to do, you get tired."

In today's environment, clips of soundbites can have a major impact on campaign futures.
Remember Howard Dean in 2004?

To be fair, the animated clips are only portions of a 25 minute speech, and there are glimpses of the usual Perry.

"If it continues into December, a month ahead of the primaries, Rick Perry is going to be in big trouble," said Yawn.

Linhart added, "I'm glad to know Texas is once again making a stellar impression on the rest of the nation."

Perry's fellow Ags say they don't appreciate him adding fodder to Aggie jokes.

Doster added, "He was a yell leader, so..."

You can watch for yourself and decide what you think about this kind of Perry.