Longtime Aggies Share Memories As Demolition of Current Kyle Field Nears

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas We're just hours away from the start of the Kyle Field renovation project, set to begin right after Saturday''s football game between Texas A&M and Mississippi State.

Over the next two years in two phases, Kyle will change dramatically into a stadium seating 102,500.

News 3 talked with some longtime Aggie fans and a former player about their favorite memories from the current stadium.

For 108 years Aggies have been coming to this field to see the maroon and white play.

The first phase of $450 million worth of renovations ramp up Monday with work to expand seating to 109,000 next year then to a permanent 102,500 after the west deck is completed.

Billy Pickard is a former student, and worked with the football team since 1965 as a trainer, manager and director of facilities.

"So I've been here for all the construction that was done really from 1927 to now because there was none from '27 to '54. Nothing. That's one of the problems we've got is the stadium is so old," explained Pickard.

While old the stadium is special.

"The students and the fact that we allow more students to go to a game in a major university than any university in America. No question," said Pickard.

While the stadium is changing the intimidation factor isn't going away; it's expected to be better. A new canopy above the student section will not only protect fans from the elements but will make Kyle an even louder place to play.

Hunter Goodwin played here as well as for the Miami Dolphins.

"It is gonna be saddening, at the same time exciting. There's so many great memories on Kyle Field. I think the one thing that's helped me kind of have peace with the decision is at least it's going to be in the same location," said Goodwin.

Even Mississippi State fans in town for the game like Senior Katy Sneed are taking notice of the monumental change.

"Will add a lot more energy and excitement to y'alls traditions that you have going here, which is great for the SEC play," said Sneed.

"It's the fans that make it loud and so that's, we've still got to show up in droves and scream like crazy, crazy Aggies," said Hunter Goodwin.

Aggie fans fired up to have one the best college football venues the world has ever seen.

The grass at Kyle Field will be harvested around 8 P.M. Saturday after the game with all the pieces already sold out to fans.

Construction fencing starts going up around the stadium early Sunday morning.