Loose Livestock Have Become a Major Problem in Washington County

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The Washington County Sheriff's Office says it has a problem that's turning into a waste of time and money.

"There are enough dangers out there that we need to concern ourselves with as drivers of vehicles, to where we do not need to be overwhelmed by the thought of livestock being on our roads to this level," said Washington County Sheriff Otto Hanak.

Last year, Washington County Sheriff's Deputies responded to 796 loose livestock calls, according to law enforcement records. At the rate they're going, that number could be even higher this year.

"Since January 1, 2013, we've gone out on 340 calls," said Sheriff Hanak.

The Sheriffs office is averaging between two and three of these calls every day, and the Sheriff says it's costing too much time and money.

Not to mention the danger it poses to drivers. The Department of Public Safety says there were nine accident in Washington County last year involving loose livestock.

"This is an absolute distraction to us," said Sheriff Hanak. "All we really need to do is pay attention to our arms, our ranches our fences."

Sheriff Hanak says the solution is simple, so those who don't pay attention to deputies warnings will have to face the consequences.

Washington County Sheriff's Deputies say they will be ticketing people whose livestock get out, and in some cases repeat offenders could get a ticket for each animal.