Low Voter Turnout In Brazos County For March Primary

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BRYAN, Texas Without the pull of a major election turnout has been sluggish so far on Election Day and that hasn't been helped by the cooler weather.

At 6 P.M. Tuesday there was a little bit of a line of folks here at the Brazos Center and a few folks outside on the sidewalk walking in and out, but early voting was way down this year.

Of the county's nearly 90,000 registered voters, only 8 percent or around 7,200 people are expected to vote in this election.

A few voters at a time found their way to a voting location at First Baptist Church in Bryan.

From the outside election day didn't appear to be a busy day.

"It went very smoothly today there wasn't any waiting," said Marie Tomlinson of Bryan.

Marie Tomlinson and her husband Bill vote every year and braved the cold weather.

"Well because it's a real privilege and right that we have in the United States and I was a teacher in Bryan High School for a long time, and I taught students the importance of having the right to vote," she said.

From judges to the governors race the Tomlinsons think they are all important.

"Yes we're interested in all the races," said Bill Tomlinson.

But if early estimates hold many others haven't made it a priority.

Nearly 1,000 fewer people voted early this March Primary compared to 2010 in Brazos County.

The number of early voting Republicans dropped from 5,837 four years ago to 4,789 this time.

Democrats gained more early voters from 731 in 2010 to 807 now.

Brazos County Clerk Karen McQueen says polling locations will stay open until their normal time of 7 P.M.

"We were out early this morning. We did get the polls open, the roads were in good condition. We did not receive any calls about any late openings," said McQueen.

"Tell people that haven't been to vote, get out and vote," said Marie Tomlinson.

A few Austin polling locations are open late Tuesday because of the ice in the morning.

A judge approved the extended hours and the late votes will count as provisional ballots.

But it's business as usual here in Bryan / College Station, so you still have until 7 P.M. to have your voice heard.