Madison County Courthouse to Undergo Renovation

The Madison County Courthouse in Madisonville is set to undergo an almost $1 million face renovation. 4 June 2014
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MADISONVILLE - In the middle of the square in downtown Madisonville, the Madison County Courthouse has proudly stood, serving its citizens for more than four decades. The passage of time, however, has taken its toll on the building.

The Madison County Courthouse was built back in 1970 and anyone, including County Judge Art Henson will tell you it's been a good investment for taxpayers because it hasn't needed any major repair work. The building flooded some time back, but even that was paid for largely by insurance money. Now, though, more than 40 years later, it's time for some much needed touch-up work.

"The courthouse itself on the front is going to remain about the same," Judge Henson said.

But on the inside....

"The plan calls to make the bench, the judge's bench, where it can be accessible by wheelchair and then some additional electronics put in here."

The improvements will bring the building into modern times.

"The air conditioning and the heating will all be replaced. There will be some slight changes in some of the offices and there will be some façade work around the outside where some of the tile that's coming loose over the years...that'll have to be all shored up. Then some of the restrooms will be brought up to ADA standards."

The price tag for these much-needed improvements is coming in around one million dollars and includes state of the art additions.

"We've gone to an electronic law library and so these books and stuff will be taken out and stored. The electronic law library will be downstairs, closer to where the courtroom is and then this will be turned into part of the district clerk's offices here."

Going forward, these renovations will keep the courthouse in business for another several decades.

Judge Henson expects the changes to be complete by this November, just in time for his departure from office on January first.