Madison County DA Investigator Indicted

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A former Madison County District Attorney's investigator has turned himself in after being indicted for his role in what's the county is calling a public corruption case.

Madison County District Attorney Brian Risinger confirmed Justin Barham, the narcotics and organized crime Investigator, was terminated from the DA's office Friday morning. His termination came after a grand jury indicted him resulting with the 26-year-old turning himself in to the Madison County Jail.
Barham is charged with Official Oppression and delivery of a controlled substance.

His charges stem from an ongoing investigation by Texas Rangers. In fact, DPS did confirm Barham is in fact connected to another case involving former Madisonville Police Sergeant Jeff Covington.
We first told you about 37-year-old Jeff Covington; he was arrested at the end of February on narcotics charges in a public corruption case related to a scheme to plant methamphetamines inside his ex-wife's vehicle. Sources say Covington allegedly had help during his alleged drug scheme.

It's unclear what role Barham played in this case -- however, authorities say he was involved. District Attorney Brian Risinger couldn't comment on the particulars in the case; however he said he's surprised by the accusations and says quote, "Justin did a very good job doing his undercover work and the whole situation is sad. It's a tough day for me and a tough day for Madison County. He will have his day in court and a jury will determine if he is guilty or if he's innocent."

We are also told since Barham was the lead narcotics investigator for the DA some cases he’s been affiliated with or even solved over the last few years may have the potential to be dismissed entirely.

Former Madisonville Police Sergeant Jeff Covington is charged with delivery of a controlled substance, obstruction or retaliation, and official oppression in connection with the same case.


According to sources Madison County District Attorney Investigator, Justin Barham, has been indicted by grand jury.

More information on this indictment is to come.

Here's a related article about Barham posted at in January:

An investigator with the Madison County District Attorney's Office has been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation by the Attorney General's Office.

Thursday Madison County District Attorney Brian Risinger did confirm Justin Barham -- the narcotics and organized crime Investigator -- is being accused of misconduct; and was suspended on December 17th.

This is an active investigation -- which means the details surrounding the misconduct accusations are being kept to a minimum by authorities. News 3 has learned Barham graduated from police academy in 2008 where he worked as a Madisonville Police officer. According to authorities, in an effort to crack down on narcotics inside Madison County; Barham was hired at the end of 2011 as an investigator specializing in organized crime and narcotics for the Madison County District Attorney’s office.

If Barham is found guilty, the DA says he could face criminal charges. If that happens, some cases Barham has solved or worked on over the last year have the potential to be dismissed. News 3’s Nicole Morten will continue investigating and bring more information as soon as it becomes available.