Madison County Raising Awareness for Child Abuse

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In 2011, there were 126 cases of child abuse in the Brazos Valley. Currently there are 48 children were confirmed to be either sexually or physically abused in Madison County alone.

According to Scotty's House, studies show only 10 percent of children who are abused actually make an outcry. In an effort to raise awareness about the growing epidemic, advocates from Scotty's House in Bryan teamed up with Madison County Law enforcement to hang blue ribbons from a tree at the Madison County Courthouse. Officials say the 48 ribbons symbolize each child who was a victim of abuse.

“The 48 blue ribbons are symbolic for each victim -- each child who has reported abuse here in Madison County,” said Scotty’s House Executive Director Cary Haynes. “When you look at that number compared to the 132 reported cases in Brazos County, that’s a huge number considering the difference in population.”

"A lot of times the children, they're not believed and it's the child's story against the adults, who is more credible so to speak and we have to get to the point where we need evidence, and a lot of times there's no physical evidence so we need Scotty's House to assist us in these cases,” said Don Craft.

This is the third year in a row Scotty's House has teamed up with law enforcement agencies in the seven county Brazos Valley regions.

“Hopefully it’s something people can see and make them stop and think about what’s really going on in our communities and when they see the blue ribbons, I hope it makes them think about how they can get involved and see how they can help prevent child abuse,” said Haynes.