Madisonville Business Raided, Shutdown for Alleged Illegal Gambling, K2

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Law enforcement officers today raided a convenience store where they believe illegal gambling machines were being used. The Z-MS convenience store on May Street in Madisonville has been shut down by authorities indefinitely. Warrants were issued for the arrest of several employees, including management and even the owner.

From pay-day loans, to gas, groceries, beer, wine and even 4-wheelers -- the Z-MS Convenience Store on May Street in Madisonville -- sells it all.

“They sell everything from bongs, which are used for smoking K2, marijuana, crack; they've got fast food, cigarettes and alcohol,” said Madisonville Police Chief May.

And according to residents, “A lot of rumors going around about a lot of illegal stuff is going on,” said Les Neal.

The Madisonville Police Chief said the staff and owners are accused of allegedly selling more than what's being offered over the counter.

“We've been getting a lot of complaints about minors being sold alcohol out of this location, K2 and Kush as well,” said Chief May.

Illegal drugs and a history of selling alcohol to minors quickly became the catalyst of Friday afternoon's police raid.

Police K9's, crime scene tape; and just about every Madisonville police officer swarmed the parking lot; zeroing in on a new investigation into a large Illegal gambling operation.

“ We're looking for financial records; you know under gambling statutes, anything they have in this store is seizable and if they have gambling proceeds in their register, which we already have in our evidence, then we can seize everything in here,” said May.

Locals we spoke to say they're not surprised.

“They sell just about everything and they have a bunch of machines in the back and I think that's where the gambling has been going on, but they're doing good and cleaning up our streets,” said Neal.

Chief May says the convenience store has been busted by TABC in the past for selling alcohol to minors.