Madisonville Couple Welcomes First Baby of 2013 in B/CS; Leo Jess Guajardo

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It was a special delivery in Bryan for the first baby of 2013 in B/CS.

Leo Jess Guajardo II came into the world at 5:07 A.M. this New Year's Day at St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan.

He came a day earlier than expected and was eight pounds, one ounce, and 21 inches long.

His parents Kelly and Leo Guajardo of Madisonville say he's already living up to his name of Leo, which means Lion.

They hope he might be a Texas Aggie or even Houston Texan Football player some day.

"He's very stubborn and he fought the whole way out. He wasn't ready to come out, they had to convince him using suction to get him out. He's here," said Leo Guajardo, the baby's dad.

"Our doctor, she's actually been working here for 17 years and this is her first New Year's delivery. She's very excited about that," said Kelly Guajardo, the mom. "Our nurse as well," added Leo Guajardo.

Leo is the couple's first child.

The College Station Medical Center also had a baby girl born at 9:24 A.M. as well as another girl at 10:43 Tuesday morning.