Madisonville PD Needs Help Prosecuting Owner After Abandoned Horse Dies

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MADISONVILLE, Texas - It's a horrible case of animal cruelty in Madisonville in which the outrage has stretched beyond the city limits.

A horse that was found Saturday, tied to a tree in the woods, has died.

Someone left the horse there with no food or water.

Police need your help to catch the person responsible.

Madisonville Police really want to find the person that tied up this horse and abandoned him.

You can see in these photos, how skinny the horse was when it was found Saturday hidden in the woods off Evans Street.

Jerry Gene Smith lives on the block and found it while riding his ATV.

"You know ain't no need getting one if you can't feed it. Ain't no getting a horse like that so I called the sheriff's department and they came down," said Smith.

Madisonville Police Sgt. Jon Stubblefield and Animal Control Officer Ami Nash came to the horse's rescue.

He was bare bones after having only grass to graze on and no water to drink. Sadly, the horse couldn't reach a nearby creek because he was tied up.

"We got our Tractor Supply to donate some hay a little bit of grain and some antiseptic and some other spray. And whenever we got it over there I doctored him up, cut the lead rope off and halter that was cutting his face and had a big gash in his leg," said Stubblefield.

Despite the rescue the horse didn't survive.

Police believe the horse may have been stuck tied to these trees for several weeks without any access to water, basically left here to die.

"There's always an option between your local animal shelters, sanctuaries, rescues and there's a lot of people who may know someone," said Ami Nash.

"We're really trying to prosecute this case because everyone hates to see animals and especially horses in that bad of a condition," said Stubblefield.

If you know anything that could help, you're asked to call Madisonville Police.

Cruelty to livestock is a Class A Misdemeanor.

It is punishable by a $4,000 fine and up to a year in jail.