Madisonville Police Cracking Down on Crime

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Police in Madisonville are cracking down on crime -- and they've got the numbers to prove it. In just six months Madisonville's Police Chief says the numbers of drug arrests have jumped 22-percent, and burglary reports have dropped by 50-percent.

Regardless of where you live, it’s often found everywhere.

"One drug addict's going after another drug addict's dope,” said Madisonville Police Chief C.W. “Chuck” May. “You've got the dope-heads stealing from each other and they're trying to become the king pin of the neighborhood."

But when it comes to fighting crime in a small town, Madisonville Police Chief Chuck May has news for anyone itching to try something.

"We're here to run toe-and-toe with them all the way down to the street,” said May.

From drugs, to burglaries, the number of arrests has skyrocketed -- forcing the crime rate -- to fall.

Since May, the Madisonville Police Department has received a 15-percent increase in calls to assist other surrounding agencies. Also, DWI arrests are up by 55-percent; Burglary of a building arrests are down by 50-percent; Marijuana arrests are up by 15-percent; possession of a controlled substance arrests are also up by 22-percent.

Madisonville Police forces consists of 12 full-time Peace Officers, four reserve officers as well as two K-9's.

"Those numbers are reflective that my men are out there patrolling the streets every single day and we're not going to tolerate the crime," said May.

Dedrick Whaley and Jeremy Shaffer are the latest arrests. Police are still searching for two more suspects, including 21-year-old Dekimbe Tarik Mosley.

"You've got a neighborhood gang and they're terrorizing their own people,” said May.

Chief May says the trio is allegedly behind a string of home invasions and burglaries in their own backyard

"They went in armed and put the lady in the house on the floor and threatened to blow her brains out,” said May.

According to May, when the suspects couldn't find what they were looking for they bolted. May says the suspects left behind a detailed trail of evidence inside their car.

“The woman called police and because the officers responded so quickly, I guess they thought they would have been faster if they ran,” said May. “They ended up leaving their cell phones in their vehicle and with the assistance of the district attorney's investigator, we were able to have the phone's downloaded, and we found they were talking about doing this deed on their cell phone.”

With enough evidence in the palm of their hands, Madison County Police made their move. Warrants were issued for Mosely, Shaffer and Whaley. Both Shaffer and Whaley have been arrested on a number of felony charges including: burglary of a habitation with intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated robbery.

Warrants have been issued for Dekimbe Mosley's arrest -- however at last check -- the 21-year-old is still at large. If you know of Mosely's whereabouts you're asked to call crime stoppers at 936-348-3100.