Madisonville Student Diagnosed With Meningitis

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MADISONVILLE A 7 year old Madisonville Elementary School student has been diagnosed with meningitis and is undergoing treatment at a Houston Hospital.

The Madisonville school district is keeping a close watch on her condition and treatment.

The girl is a second grader at Madisonville Elementary and has now been hospitalized for 10 days with meningitis at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.

The school district says she is responding very well to treatment, but they're waiting on the results of lab tests to determine if it's viral meningitis, or the more serious bacterial meningitis.

Madisonville schools superintendent Keith Smith says he understands the concerns of other parents.

"The safety and well-being of our children is always paramount, and the thing we're looking at constantly, And we would never do anything to jeopardize that. We're going to follow what the health department tells us to do and take every necessary precaution, but at this time we're doing that, and we haven't received word back to what type this is."

Trena Barnett has a daughter who is a second grader at the same school.

She says, "I haven't heard not one word about it. But she just came home from school and we left today. She she might have gotten a note in her folder, I haven't looked."

The school district says it won't notify parents of students unless the lab tests indicate bacterial meningitis.

Dr. Donald Little of St. Joseph Hospital-Madisonville explains the difference between bacterial and viral.

"If you have to have meningitis I would say you would want the viral more so than the bacteria. The bacteria meningitis, there are antibiotics that can treat for bacterial kind. There is not antibiotic treatment for viral kind, but they tend not to be quite as ill."