Malaysian Military Says Missing Jet Changed Course

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) The latest developments concerning the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 are just raising more questions about what happened.

Malaysian military officials say the plane was being tracked on military radar even after it dropped off civilian radar. They say it changed course over the sea and crossed back over Malaysia to the country's west coast.

There are no clues as to why it wasn't signaling to civilian radar, why the crew was silent about the course change, and why there were no distress calls after it turned back.

The search for the plane had been focused on waters between the eastern coast of Malaysia and Vietnam.

In Washington, CIA Director John Brennan said he still wouldn't rule out terrorism in the plane's disappearance.

But officials at Interpol say the information they've gathered so far about two men who were traveling with stolen passports indicates that they weren't involved in terrorism.