Man Allegedly Steals Beer from Double Dave's, Hides in Booth

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BRYAN A College Station man thought hiding in a booth at Double Dave's would keep cops from seeing him and the beer he allegedly stole.

That wasn't the case.

21-year-old Juan Carlos Mendez was arrested for Theft and Public Intoxication. Officers say Mendez paid for a meal and one beer at the pizza place, but more beer was seen at his table. They found four opened bottles of Budweiser and three opened bottles of Corona.

The arrest report says that Mendez was so drunk police took him to St. Joseph's Hospital before the jail. While at the hospital, Mendez was warned about using profane language. A few minutes after the warning, officers heard him cursing out loud near a two-year-old in the hallway. Mendez was cited for using profane language.

Mendez has been previously convicted with Burglary of a Habitation in 2010.