Man Arrested for Giving Minors Alcohol After Girl Found Vomiting

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BRYAN - A Bryan man is facing charges after police say he allowed two underage girls to drink at a pool.

Ty Wesley Hazelwood, 22, is charged with Providing Alcohol to a Minor. According to the report, officers were patrolling the pool at Reveille Ranch when they saw a girl throwing up next to a building. Police say the girl, who was 18, was at the pool with Hazelwood and another girl, who was also 18.

Both girls told police that Hazelwood bought them alcohol.

Hazelwood admitted to spending about 40 dollars at the store for rum, vodka, jello shots and beer.

He was arrested and taken to jail.

Officers patrol the pool area at Reveille Ranch because the complex has a Criminal Trespass Affidavit against non-resident using the pool.