Man Arrested for Selling Fake TAMU vs. Bama Tickets

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A Florida man is arrested for fraud, after police say he sold phony tickets for Saturday's game against Alabama.

A Dallas man bought last minute tickets for $1,700, which turned out to be fraudulent. Terry Edward Williams, 46 advertised the tickets on Craigslist.. Williams identified himself as "Thomas." The two met at the McDonald's on George Bush for the exchange. After the transaction, the victim compared his tickets to other, legitimate tickets, and discovered that he had purchased fake tickets. The victim reported it to College Station police. Police accompanied the victim's friend, who had planned to purchase two tickets from "Thomas" at the corner of Coke Street and George Bush Drive.

When police ordered Williams to stop, he fled on foot and began tearing up the tickets and threw them to the ground. He was taken into custody shortly after he became stuck in a thin plastic barrier.

Williams was arrested and charged with Evading arrest, seven counts of Forgery and Tampering with Evidence due to his attempt to destroy the tickets as he fled.