Man Arrested in Connection to House Fire Recently Released from Prison

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BRYAN, Texas A man arrested in connection with a house fire in Bryan where firefighters found two people dead inside, was released from prison a few days before the fire.

Dennis Wayne Brown III was arrested at the El Camino Motel Monday evening and charged with unauthorized used of a motor vehicle, but police said more charges could be coming soon.

Police said they found Brown at the Motel with a car parked outside that belonged to one of the victims.

The fire broke out around 4:30 Monday morning at a home in the 2000 block of Vinewood near Elmwood in Bryan. Flames were so intense, they held fire crews at bay for a while. When they were able to search inside the home, they discovered a body. A short while later, investigators found a second body. Both of them were so badly burned, police said they'll likely depend on dental records to make a positive identification.

Early Tuesday morning, Bryan Police said although they hadn't positively identified the bodies yet, they believe the victims to be Noel Devin and her father, Thomas.

Devin's mother told investigators her daughter's SUV was missing. Police later found that vehicle at the El Camino Motel.

Naresh Patel, the owner of the motel, said he saw Brown drive up to his room in the stolen SUV and go into the room Monday morning.

Patel said that room was paid for by another guest at the motel. A man who'd been staying there for the past four days. On Monday, Patel said the man checked out, but told Patel he wanted to pay for another room.

"He said he's my guy," said Patel. "He'll stay here and I will go. And he checked out in the morning, and that guy stayed in 18."

Police haven't said who the other man was or why he paid for Brown's room.

On Tuesday morning, Remnants of Brown's presence in the room were still there. Cigarette packs, cigarette butts in the ashtray and a box of bandages lay on the night stand. Empty chip bags and beer cans had been tossed in the trash.

KBTX News investigated and found Brown has a lengthy criminal past. In 1999, armed with a knife, the then College Station resident robbed a Circle K Convenience store in Bryan. Records indicated he stole a roll of coins and a carton of cigarettes, totaling around $43. Brown spent the next 15 years in prison, only to be released Friday, just three days before the house fire.