Man, Asleep Behind Wheel, Arrested for Possessing Hydrocodone

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COLLEGE STATION A Conroe man is facing charges after police found him asleep behind the wheel of his car.

An off-duty College Station police officer saw 28-year-old Michael Travis Kelly slumped over behind the wheel of his 2007 Toyota Solara. According to the arrest report, the car wasn't running in the parking lot on the corner of Texas Avenue and Southwest Parkway. When an officer made contact, the report says they suspected Kelly might be drunk.

Officers say they felt Kelly was drunk in public and a danger to himself. He was arrested. While searching Kelly, officers found a small, white pill with "WATSON 3203" on the side. Kelly told officers it was Hydrocodone and he had a prescription for it in the truck. Officers looked in the car and found two prescription bottles, neither for hydrocodone. Kelly told officers that the hydocodone prescription must be in his truck in Granbury, Texas.

In the arrest report, the officer said it was unusual for people to keep loose presciptions in their pocket. They also found it unusual that there was no bottle for the pills in the car and that Kelly was unable to provide proof of a hydrocodone prescription.

Kelly was arrested and charged with Public Intoxication and Possession of a Controlled Substance. He is being held on $5,445 bond.