Man Claims 'Revenge' in Theft at Harvey Mitchell Walmart

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BRYAN - A Bryan man says he was trying to get back at Walmart when he was caught stealing Monday.

Blake Elliot Druery, 23, told cops he was getting revenge after being caught with DVDs, an XBOX game and a box of nails. Dreury told officers Walmart employees falsely accused him of theft about two weeks ago and they took the stuff he had paid for. According to police, they weren't called about that incident.

According to the arrest report, Walmart asset protection employees watched Druery take an empty Walmart plastic bag and pick up multiple DVDs and a video game while in the electronics area. They say he left that area and went to the hardware section and put the DVDs and the video game in the empty bag. Walmart says he also put nails in the bag as well. Druery then went to the customer service area and returned a separate item that he had brought in with him. According to authorities, Druery then left the store without paying for the items he had placed in the bag.

Druery said it was a mistake and offered to pay for the merchandise, but Walmart wanted to press charges. He was arrested and is being charged with Theft. Druery has since posted a $2,000 bond and was released from jail.