Man Convicted in Extensive Stolen Goods Scheme

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Federal prosecutors say a Lebanese immigrant could face decades in prison following his conviction in a Houston-based scheme that used illegal immigrants to steal over-the-counter medicines, health and beauty supplies, and baby formula from retailers.

The items were repackaged, sold for a fraction of their value and shipped to "fences" around the nation who then resold the items for a profit.

One witness testifying at the trial of Sameh Khaled Danhach said he delivered to Danhach's Houston warehouse some $230,000 worth of items stolen from Texas Walmart stores over seven months ending in February 2012. A witness for FedEx testified fraudulent unpaid shipping accounts tied to Danhach's operation cost the firm $540,000.

U.S. District Judge Sim Lake on Monday set Danhach's sentencing for April 25.