Man Allegedly Drives Drunk While Eating Chicken, Slams Into Car Multiple Times

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BRYAN - Drinking and driving is not only illegal but also dangerous, but when one local man added eating fried chicken to the mix, it landed him into the frying pan of trouble.

Christopher Acosta, 25, allegedly caused an accident on South College Avenue and Villa Maria on Friday.

Witnesses told Bryan police that Acosta had crossed over from the inside lane to the outer lane, striking another vehicle multiple times before coming to a stop. Witnesses went on to say that Acosta seemed unaware of hitting the other car and appeared to be eating fried chicken while driving.

Police say Acosta was slurring his speech, and unsteady on his feet; and when asked for his driver's license, Acosta just handed the officer his wallet.

After failing all of the sobriety tests, Acosta was taken into jail.