Man Facing Assault Charges After Kicking Nurse in Head

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COLLEGE STATION After being caught in a fight on Northgate, police say a Bryan man was so uncooperative that he kicked a nurse trying to restrain him.

22-year-old Zachary Lee Scott Moore is facing assault charges after police say he was arrested on February 15th. According to officers, a fight happened in front of the Tipsy Turtle bar in the Northgate district. Witnesses said that Moore was one of the people that started the fight. He was detained. While officers investigated, Moore became very uncooperative. So much so that, according to the report, he started to slam his head against the partition in the patrol car.

Officers called paramedics to the scene, who said that Moore might need stitches. After taking him to the Med, Moore's mood became unstable. While being restrained, he kicked a nurse in the head.

She told officers she experience pain in her temple and temporary vision loss.

Moore is in jail with no bond.